New Elementz is a family owned business based in Central Florida. We believe that if you strive to provide the very best service to every customer, and produce a quality product, people will come back and happily refer their friends and family.

At New Elementz we specialize in woodcrafts, but also make embroidered patches and work in other mediums including textiles, custom acrylic charms, prints and more.

Our wooden items are made using domestic or exotic hard woods. The value of hand crafted wooden Artwork is found in its natural beauty and stability. As a custom wood shop, we make many unique items. In collaboration with you we can even design that special piece so you get exactly what you are looking for.

Our embroidered patches trace their roots back thousands of years to ancient cultures of the Mediterranean, Mideast, China, India and South America, where the art of decorating fabric with thread stitching originated. We have continued this history by making elaborate custom stitched designs and patterns along with Fandom inspired patchwork that you can use to embellish cosplay outfits, put on that special jacket, hat or bag.

We also strive to support the small business and artist community and can reproduce your Logo, Clipart, Custom Artwork, Acrylic Charms and much more on almost any medium that you want. Combining multi-needle embroidery, laser cutting & engraving, woodshop tools and flat bed UV printing allows us to cater to both your imagination and ours.

If you can imagine it, we will help you create it!

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Lake Ridge Winery    ~    MegaCon    ~    MetroCon    ~    Fiesta in the Park

Holiday Matsuri    ~    Orlando Art Festival    ~    Mounty Dora Festival of the Arts