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New Elementz

A Wooden Puzzle, Furniture & Motion Studio



About Us

New Elementz is a family owned business based in Central Florida. We believe that if you strive to provide the very best service to every customer, and produce a quality product, people will come back and happily refer their friends and family.

At New Elementz we specialize in woodcrafts, but also make embroidered patches and work in other mediums including textiles, custom acrylic charms, prints and more.

Carpenter Measuring Wood


Our Creations


Our Team

Carpenter Cutting Wood


What Our Clients Say

Custom Wooden Sign
I needed a sign in black wood that looked cute, but I couldn’t find it anywhere. I got in touch with Margaret and Sam and asked if they could make a custom sign based on their Kiki lantern and they were so helpful, kind, and gave me many options to choose from. It was a fair price, and I was so excited to see it. They worked on it right away and shipped quickly. When my Kiki sign arrived, I loved it. The wood grain, the black paint, the careful cuts are all quality work. It’s super cute and accurately evokes the film from my childhood. I absolutely love it and I would recommend to anyone who needs something made out of wood to work with Sam and Margaret. They are great!

~ Karen

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