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Take a stroll through the Wood and Go into the Unknown with this Over the Garden Wall Inspired lantern. Each of the six panels features a different theme. Scrolled vines with OtGW, Wirt and Greg on a stroll through the wood, The Beast, Beatrice and more.
Each lantern is hand made from Baltic Birch, stained with a weathered black dye and is lined with Unryu (Cloud Dragon) rice / mulberry paper that produces a wonderful glow. The lantern measures approximately 5" wide x 6" tall, comes with a fitted lid and a small battery powered votive candle.  NOT for use with an open flame.
As each Lantern is hand made from natural wood, variation in the wood grain is to be expected as is shade differences in the dye that is used to stain the wood.
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An Over The Garden Wall Inspired Silhouette Lantern

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