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Our Dice Towers and Trays are perfect for adding something special to your game, or for that person who always seems to roll the die off the table! This Triskele Dragon Dice Tower & Tray measures approximately 5 ¾” wide, 2 ¾” deed and 8 ½” high. This Gamers Dice Tower is made of Baltic Birch; cut & engraved using a laser and assembled by hand. Complete the set with a single or double dice vault / box. The single dice vault holds 7 die. The double vault holds 14. Each dice vault contains a sliding lid to keep your dice safe when not in use. Need to store more die? Order a custom vault or take a look at our unique dice jail with a mechanical iris lid that holds as many as 30 dice!

D&D Dice Tower, Tray and Dice Vault

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