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Our Gamers Dice are far from the ordinary. 16mm (2/3") - 22mm (7/8") are the common sizes of dice and good for basic game play. But what if you have an extraordinary encounter or you just want to add some flare to your next roll? Our "Jumbo" Gamers Dice are designed, laser cut, and assembled by hand. Each die is hollow with internal joinery and measures 64mm (2.5"). The dice has a unique pattern and number engraved on the surface in the proper order. While they look great on a shelf, they CAN and SHOULD be used for that special game, or when the "Big" dice are needed to add something special to your campaign. Want to step it up another notch? Take a look at our Ultimate Dungeon Dice that average 128mm (5") is size! As each die is hand made from Baltic Birch, variations in the wood grain is to be expected as is shade differences in the wood. Baltic Birch is not a specific species of birch but is a general designation of furnature quality plywood from the Baltic states (specifically Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Finland). Baltic Birch is generally of a higher quality than regular Birch plywood and as such is typically used in furniture and cabinetry.

Jumbo d20 - Dungeons and Dragons all wood Gamers Dice

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