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Join Kiki and Jiji on their adventures and Witch Delivery Service Each lantern is hand made from Baltic Birch stained a weathered black. The latern measures approximately 5" x 5" x 6" with an Unryu (Cloud Dragon) paper lining that produces a wonderful glow when an electric votive style candle is placed inside. Kiki's Lantern is a perfect match with our Over The Garden Wall Lantern that you can view there As each Lantern is custom and hand made from Baltic Birch Plywood, variation in the wood grain is to be expected as is shade differences in the dye that is used to color the wood. Baltic Birch is not a specific species of birch but is a general designation of plywood from the Baltic states (specifically Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Finland). Baltic Birch plywood is generally of a higher quality than regular Birch plywood and as such is typically used in furniture and wood flooring and not in thin veneers or laminates.

Kiki's Delivery Service inspired Lantern

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