The "Peace in Life" puzzle Box is a deceptively simple 2 move puzzle. A great conversation peice or an amusement when watching your friends spend hours trying to open it.


The outside of the six panels are all made with the same wood color with each symbol cut out of the wood. A different wood color is used under each symbol. For example, the wood under the Chinese symbol of Longevity (Shou) is red and the wood under the Star of David is blue.


The box when assembled s approximately a 3.5" cube. The standard "Peace in Life" box is made from Baltic Birch plywood, but is also available in exotic hardwoods for an additional fee (Contact us for a quote on exotic woods).


As each box is hand made from Baltic Birch, variation in the wood grain is to be expected as is shade differences in the dye that is used to color the wood. Baltic Birch is not a specific species of birch but is a general designation of furnature quality plywood from the Baltic states (specifically Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Finland). Baltic Birch is generally of a higher quality than regular Birch plywood and as such is typically used in furniture and wood flooring and not in thin laminates.

Peace in Life Puzzle Box


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