Wooden Lanterns and Luminaries as a work of art produces a reaction that is pure instinct. To reach out. To touch. To gaze at the warm and rich variations of color. There is a primal reaction to the feel of wood and the allure of light. The texture of the grain or the smoothness of a perfectly lit surface. 

Lanterns, Andons

& Luminaries

Wooden Time

I have always been fascinated by clockworks; From Mantle clocks, Grandfather clocks, Coocoo clocks and as an adult, the clockworks found in the heavens. An astronomical clock, Horologium, or orloj is a clock with special mechanisms and dials to display astronomical information, such as the relative positions of the sun, moon, zodiacal constellations, and sometimes major planets - and yes the time of day too). I have begun building wooden clockworks to capture the true beauty of time

Our Haute handbags showcases an array of handcrafted purses, totes, clutches, and more. Our fashion rings, bangals, pins and handbags are all constructed with innovative techniques and completely out of wood. Have an idea for a new design? You can commission our 'Elvin Couture' service and have a true one of  a kind wooden wearable item made for you, or as a special gift.

Fashion in Wood

WoodenClutch Bag

Need a gaming tray, tumbler, dice vault or jail?

Looking for a unique set of Wooden Dice or Tower?

Want a special item for your next board game ?

We make many unique gamers items and are happy to work with you on special orders and requests

Gamers Gear

The internal figure of wood alone can be quite spectacular when it's beauty is coaxed out. If you are looking for artistic wooden boxes, including handcrafted jewelry boxes, decorative keepsake boxes, or wooden wine gift boxes, we have plenty to chose from. We make a variety of handmade wooden boxes, including boxes that make a perfect unique gift for men or women. The finished peice can be very personal so we will work with you from concept to completion if you do not see exactly what you are looking for.

Custom Boxes

Growing up with a classically trained artist and an aerospace  engineer taught me that Art exists in time as well as the physical world. Movement and time, whether actual or an illusion, are crucial elements in art although we may not be aware of it. A work of art may incorporate actual motion;   Art that contains movement and relies on motion for its effect implies the passage of time — this is the definition of kinetic art. While the definition explains the practical notion and exhibits the passage of time, it doesn't emphasize the hypnotic capabilities of the artform. We have tried to capture this in our kinetic sculptures.

Kinetic Sculpture


Our puzzles boxes can only be opened by discovering hidden moves. Some require only a simple move and others a series of discoveries. While many of our boxes are mathematical contrivances, most are based on the Japanese Secret Box. The Japanese puzzle box is a traditional Personal Secret Box (Himitsu-Bako) that was designed over 150 years ago in the Hakone region of Japan. The Hakone Mountains are noted for their great variety of trees and as such, we use mostly domestic hard woods or exotic woods.


Looking for our Embroidery or Patches?

Embroidered patches trace their roots thousands of years ago to ancient cultures of the Mediterranean, Mideast, China, India and South America, where the art of decorating fabric with thread stitching originated. We have continued this history by making elaborate custom stitched designs and patterns along with Fandom inspired patchwork that you can use to embellish cosplay outfits, put on that special jacket, hat or bag